About Elise Pittelman

Elise Pittelman is a multifaceted artist who was educated at the Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art in New York City, where she received a full scholarship to study fine arts.

After almost 3 years of college, she left school to start a jewelry business with her husband and partner. Over a 28 year period, Pididdly-Links sold millions of dollars of jewelry, employed over 40 people, sold to stores, museums and catalogues all over the world. With Elise steering the direction of their "look"as the principal designer, the company was world renowned and developed a loyal following. The jewelry continues to be sought after by collectors of antique jewelry, even though the company is no longer in business.

In her life after Pididdly-Links, Elise pursued her passion for gardening, and has designed and installed glorious gardens for many people. She continues to garden on her own magnificent property, and does consulting work for clients. Her gardens have been featured in publications and have been one of the stops on the Woodstock Garden Tour.

Elise has designed many decorative items from bird palaces to rhinestone covered telephones and exhibited her work at numerous juried craft shows. She has also had her designs licensed by major gift companies.

She is an internationally known artist and has had many solo shows of her paintings in Jamaica, Chicago, and in Woodstock, as well as being selected as one of 5 artists to represent Woodstock at Kundstendagz, which is a ten day art festival in Bergen, Netherlands.

Elise also has a career in the world of music. She writes songs, sings, plays piano and for a short while starred in a one woman show in New York City, which she co wrote, called "Me Myself and I". The show featured Elise's alter ego, Ms. Lily Flamingo.

Aside from her talents as an artist, Elise has had 30 years of training in transformational technology with Landmark Education. She is also an accredited journey practitioner, (a healing modality which enables someone to access the cellular memories that get stored within the body).

As an entrepreneur, Elise recently created a chocolate business. She has utilized all of her skills to put together a lovely business that manufactured and sold agave sweetened raw chocolate.

Elise's perspective on the world is unique. She is an original thinker and can always be counted on to create possibility where there seems to be none. She is a longtime resident of Woodstock and lives with her husband of 43 years.